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Cheap and Cheerful, don’t go along

21 May, 2015 at 03:05 PM

Who will ever in their right mind want to spend bunch of money on something when they could only spend couple of quid and get the same result?

Now the question is, are you really getting same result? Will the $100 product give you the same result as $10,000? The brutal truth is, NO.

Imagine a poor built Chinese vehicle. Yes, it is cheap, the price tag is like fairy tale compare to German made. But will the cheap Chinese built vehicle provide you the same built quality, security, fuel economy and the features as the German made?
The thing is, the cheap products always makes you happy and the happiness is only limited to the price tag. The misery comes when you start to live with it. From mobile device to a complete home theater system or a simple car to a huge transportation truck, whatever it may be, CHEAP AND CHEERFULL DOES NOT GO ALONG TOGETHER.

Since the internet phenomenon has begun, things are not quite same as it used to be. For instance, if you want to start a business such as store, you have to have a physical store. And for marketing, newspaper advertisement, special offers and flares/banners would have been handed out. It was the past. But now, as long as you have a physical store, you can boost your sell by online store along with a website. The marketing of the website has modified and social media is the best place. And after all these hard work and spending your precious saving on the dream business, you surely don’t want to see it fail.

The question here is, will you trust a cheap developer or website for your business website? Most of the so called developers will deliver your website using free templates. You don’t have many options on the design section, or in the functionality area. Then the question comes on the reliability. If a business website crashes and the website goes offline, it’s pretty hard running the business with it.
Website design plays a vital role in business website. First impression is everything; you surly want your visitors to return to your website. Make the visitors fell at home when they are browsing your website, make the website user friendly and easy to find the desire things that users are looking for.

So, spend your money wisely and cleverly, don’t rush for the cheap options. Think about the long term strategy.

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